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Customer Projects

Green House Based Commercial Cannabis Growth Operation

South Western Michigan

  • Challenge:  Grower installed equipment incapable of maintaining temperature and humidity targets during warm and sunny weather.  Grower faced dilemma of putting crops at risk due to high temperature or introduction of pests by ventilating with outside air.

  • Solution:   Enthaltec Grow Room DX HVAC solution engineered to maintain a closed growing environment. The Enthaltec system handles heat and humidity loads and provides CO2 enrichment from a single point of control.

Unit Touch Up.png

Indoor Grow Room Solution for Craft Cannabis Cultivator

South Eastern Michigan

  • Challenge: Grower wanted single point of control for temperature, humidity and CO2 with ability to integrate a grow control system at a future date.

  • Solution: Enthaltec Grow Room DX HVAC units with integrated dehumidification and CO2 injection technology.  Standard C3S Smart Controller offers single point of control and ability to integrate with popular grow control systems.

DX Project_.png

Free Cooling Chiller for Premium Cannabis Grow Facility

Western Canada

  • Challenge: Customer needed to reduce cooling cost in large facility requiring air-cooled chiller, while maintaining reliability and cooling capacity.

  • Solution: Built and delivered an air-cooled chiller with integrated free cooling technology.  This system provides high efficiency mechanical cooling, paired with high efficiency heat rejection to deliver chilled water without the need for compressor operation.  Free cooling is provided whenever ambient air is colder than the return water temperature.  Reliable and efficient, full capacity cooling is available at ambient temperatures as low as -20F.  A fully integrated and automated pumping package completes this truly turnkey ‘set it and forget it’ system.

1791F - YLAA0101 WSEcon 41 (5).jpg

Drying Room Expansion for Cannabis Production Facility

Eastern Pennsylvania

  • Challenge: Client expanding drying room needed rapid moisture removal.  System required real time monitoring and adjustment of temperature and humidity levels as specified by lab technicians.


  • Solution: Developed and constructed an integrated desiccant dehumidification system capable of removing high levels of moisture from the drying process, while maintaining the customer’s specified temperature and pressurization levels.   Implemented a control system with touchscreen interface to provide precision monitoring and adjustment for moisture removal rate, humidity, temperature, and pressurization, while automatically minimizing energy consumption.  

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