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Project Planning

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We understand the challenges of cannabis growing and we’ll help you understand how the right HVAC system will help you grow better 

Learn how to plan your project.   We’re happy guide you through the challenges of project management, MEP plans, load calculations and contractor selection 


Planning your project 

As you start the design of your grow facility it’s important to include HVAC design in initial planning steps. Vendor and supplier partner selection is key to your success. Look for partners who are interested in helping you achieve long term results. 


Most growers consider heat and humidity loads, but other important details need to be considered too.


Things can get complex very quickly! To help you succeed with this project, we’ve provided a list of important planning considerations. We’ve also provided an overview of how Enthaltec works with you from start to finish.  We’d love to hear more about your project and offer a free consultation. Contact Us today to start planning your project.


Important Planning Considerations:

  • Building Design

    • Start by carefully considering your space and operational needs. ​

  • HVAC Design  

    • HVAC design decisions start with clearly defining how you plan to grow:  

Working With Enthaltec On Your HVAC Project 

  • Contact us for a free consultation 

    • We start by discussing your project. We want to understand your goals, timeline, project specifics and funding. 

    • Once we have a project overview, we partner with you on a design consultation. We share our insight at no cost to you. 

    • If you have load calculations, we’ll prepare a proposal using your specifications. 

    • If you need load calculations, we connect you with an experienced Professional Engineer (PE).  Your proposal will be prepared once we have needed specifications. 

  • Proposal Review & Next Steps 

    • Once your proposal has been prepared, our experienced sales engineering team will schedule a call to discuss details. 

    • Upon signed proposal acceptance, our team will develop a no cost engineering submittal specific to your project. We will also finalize our sales proposal to include any changes that occur during project engineering. 

    • You’ll receive an overview of project details such as installation, startup and payment terms. 

  • Project Kick Off: First Payment & Production Start 

    • Your project starts its journey through engineering and manufacturing when we receive written proposal acceptance and payment for 50% of the project cost. 

    • We’ll work with you to plan the project timeline and can assist you with selecting an installation contractor. Enthaltec also offers service training for your HVAC contractor. 

    • We provide detailed installation requirements to you and your contractor. 

    • If integrating with a grow control system or building automation system, we work with your chosen vendor to complete integration. 

    • This is a good time for your contractor to complete pre-installation work (electrical connections, equipment pads, duct work, etc). 

  • Production Completion: Final Payment, System Shipment & Installation 

    • Prior to system shipment we require payment of the remaining 50% of your project cost. 

    • Once payment is received the systems will be trucked to your jobsite. 

    • Your installing contractor will need to provide the lifting equipment to unload and place the systems. 

    • Once the systems are placed in their final location, your contractor completes system installation using the installation checklist we provide. 

  • System Startup & Training 

    • Upon completion of installation, we’ll work together to confirm installation work and schedule startup. 

    • Enthaltec’s startup technician travels to your jobsite and completes the system startup. The startup process ensures that everything is calibrated, and all systems are working as designed. You’ll be trained in system operation and maintenance. 

    • At the completion of startup, our technician will have you sign off on the Startup Checklist and give you the opportunity to add unfinished items to the project punch list.   

    • After Startup Checklist signoff, we’ll complete warranty registration and punch list tasks.  When done, we’ll transition your project to our Tech Support team.   Your project is now complete! 

  • Post Installation Support 

    • Upon project completion, you’ll be covered by our industry leading parts warranty (1 year all parts, 5 years compressors, and 10 years heat exchangers).  

    • We suggest setting up a service contract with a commercial HVAC contractor to handle equipment maintenance and repair.  They’ll take care of routine maintenance and emergency repair work to keep you focused on growing.   

    • Our Tech Support team is here to assist with operating questions and will work with your HVAC contractor to keep your equipment functioning as designed. 

 For A Free Project Consultation

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