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Engineered to Optimize Your Yield

Enthaltec C3S - Cannabis Climate Control Solutions


Custom HVAC Solutions


Commercial Cannabis

We provide growers and processors with the perfect balance between high performance and low total cost of ownership.

Enthaltec C3S systems are engineered and manufactured to meet the specific climate control challenges of the commercial cannabis growing and processing industry.

We Help You Grow

Our sales and engineering teams work with you to customize HVAC solutions for your specific cannabis climate control needs, and our accounting teams can tailor a program to suit your financing needs.

Grow your production yield and your business with our engineered solutions. Our fully integrated solutions give you the climate control you need, while reducing your operation costs. 

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Our Advantage

Manufacturing custom HVAC solutions since 2004: Enthaltec is a division of Fisen Corporation. Now commercial cannabis producers can benefit from Fisen's years of engineering and manufacturing expertise. 

Authorized manufacturer for Johnson Controls: Our Enthaltec C3S systems offer all the advantages of Johnson Controls Commercial HVAC units.

  • Cost effective acquisition and operation. 

  • Proven reliability and life expectancy. 

  • Johnson Controls original equipment warranty and service network. 

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