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DX Hvac systems

DX HVAC Systems Engineered
Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

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Simplify cultivation climate control with the HVAC solution that manages temperature, humidity and CO2

C3S Smart Controller schedule automation lets you focus on growing. Built in Cannabis Crop Protection guards your investment

Reduce your operating costs with HVAC engineered for commercial cannabis cultivation

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VPD Focused

The C3S Smart Controller's VPD Mode eliminates the need for VPD calculations.  It automatically sets humidity based on your targets for VPD & room temperature

Monitoring & Control

The C3S Smart Controler supports integration to leading grow control systems such as Growlink, Priva and Argus. BACnet & Modbus compatible

Integrated Dehumidification

Tired of having your AC fight your dehumidifiers? Integrated dehumidification provides humidity and temperature control in one system. Control your grow to VPD targets and grow for less

Grow Green

Eliminate dehumidifiers to drive down energy costs, improve margins and put more green in your wallet. Be green and reduce your CO2 emissions with efficient Enthaltec HVAC units


Cannabis Crop Protection: Keep your closed growing environment, closed. MERV-13 Filters & UV-Lights keep insects out, while VPD focused temperature and humidity control minimize the risk of fungus and bacteria growth

Remote Monitoring

How's your room trending? Standard Pulse Grow sensors provide 24/7 remote room condition insight by phone and web app

CO2 Management

Want to add CO2? We've got it covered with integrated CO2 enrichment and monitoring

Cold Climate Operation

Got Winter? Get the HVAC system designed to operate in conditions down to -20 Deg F

DX System Spec Sheets

20 Ton System Spec PDF

27.5 Ton System Spec PDF

40 Ton System Spec PDF

25 Ton System Spec PDF

35 Ton System Spec PDF

50 Ton System Spec PDF

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