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Thermal Control

Need flexibility for different strains? Have high heat loads in winter? Our custom HVAC systems are designed to work with your grow needs and location (Year Round Operation).

Integrated Dehumidification

Tired of having your AC fight your dehumidifiers? Our integrated solution provides the consistency and control you need in your growing and drying environments while reducing your energy spend. 


Protect your crop: Our systems are designed to work with Closed Growing Environments. Rely on our positive pressure solutions with robust temperature and humidity controls to keep out unwanted strains and chemicals, while minimizing the risk of mold and fungus growth. 

Food & Pharma Standards

Need to meet tough air quality standards? Let our extensive experience with pharmaceutical and food industries work for you. 

CO2 Management

Want to add CO2? We've got it covered with integrated CO2 enrichment and monitoring.

Save Energy & Water

Drive down your costs and simplify regulatory compliance. We have solutions for energy and water recovery, as well free cooling systems designed for closed growing environments. Plus, our partnership with Johnson Controls lets us offer you the most efficient HVAC equipment on the market. 

Monitoring & Control

Your system or ours? We offer integrated monitoring and control solutions to help you keep an eye on your KPI's and achieve them! We can also work with your existing system. 

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